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    It’s “a massive change for the video game industry,” Schreier writes, which seems almost restrained, given Kotick’s longevity and recent history.

    Kotick, who has led Activision for more than 30 years and orchestrated its merger with Blizzard, had considered stepping down in late 2021.

    Activision was also sued by its shareholders and pressured by state treasurers over its secrecy and responses regarding the California lawsuit.

    In early 2022, Microsoft announced its intent to buy Activision, and the timing, according to reports from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, was not a coincidence.

    Kotick told VentureBeat after the Microsoft announcement that he didn’t believe the harassment and mismanagement accusations hurt the company’s stock.

    He cited delays in shipping Overwatch and Diablo titles, along with Call of Duty’s sales performance.

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